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Rimzaa Soft Founder

Rimzaa Soft Founder ISRAR UL HAQ

Rimzaa Soft, founded in 2016 by Israr Ul Haq, is the organization behind one of the biggest blockbuster games in the industry, Battle Strike World War. Rimzaa Soft is all set to go public next month and with that, reports state, founder Israr Ul Haq.

Israr Ulhaq is the director and lead designer of the famous Rimzaa Soft game, Humpty Dumpty & Battle Strike World War. Here is a glance at his early career, and how the title revolutionized the gaming world.

Notably, the other parties that will benefit from the IPO CEO Israr Ul Haq, and Rimzaa Soft Holdings.

Israr Ulhaq is Founder of Rimzaa Soft

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